Vrindavan Milk is proud to serve farm fresh all natural pure cow milk to our customers. Hear what our customers say about Vrindavan Milk:

Akila Sivakumar

Prestige Shantiniketan, Whitefield, Bangalore

We moved from USA to India. My kids were developing allergy from regular milk. So, through our community people we came to know about Vrindavan organic / fresh milk.

Once we started on vrindavan milk our kids allergies reduced by 90% in 2 months. The milk is very fresh. My kids 5 and 1 year old drink milk without sugar or complan etc,. One can imagine how fresh and tasty the milk is.

Vrindvan Milk delivery is very prompt. If there is any delay, they message you right away. Their service is very good. Any questions asked their reaponse is also very prompt.

Neeta Ramnath

Prestige Shantiniketan, Whitefield, Bangalore

We trust Vrindavan milk and enjoy the consistent quality delivered to us for 3 months now. Kudos to the Vrindavan team.

HK Agrawal

Prestige Shantiniketan, Whitefield, Bangalore

We are very satisfied with the quality of the milk.

Moreover, customer service is just exemplary. One does not come across such service often in India. I wish that more and more of Indian service providers learn from the customer service systems and attitude of Vrindavan Milk.

I wish you all success in this noble venture. God bless you all.

Happy Customer

Shivshankar Baalasubramanian

Purva Riviera Apartments, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Coming from a scientific background, I am aware of the limitations in the quality of milk supplied through various vendors. In this regard, I found Vrindavan Milk not as an alternative to existing suppliers, rather a new concept: i.e. unadulterated farm fresh organic milk.

We have been using Vrindavan Milk for a while now and we are extremely satisfied with the quality of the product, customer service and their commitment to excellence through systematic upgradation of infrastructure and quality control.

I sincerely thank Vrindavan Milk for providing us fresh milk at our door steps.

Happy Customer

Vanita Siddarth

Purva Fountain Square Apartments, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Vrindavan Milk is by far been the best that we've tasted in so many years of trying and testing various other options which includes not just the regular Packet milk or other similar brands....

But it also includes organic milk and fresh cow's milk that I've consumed elsewhere.

Why Vrindavan Milk according to me, beats every other option out there... is because of the following reasons:

1) We get fresh cows milk that's delivered in clean stainless steel cans as against plastic packets in which milk is normally packaged and delivered.

2) This milk does not have the usual fowl odour of the cow's udder, that we would otherwise get, when we consume fresh cow'a milk.

3) The taste of this milk is way more superior than any other milk that I've personally consumed - Honestly. In fact, it has spoilt me so much that I refuse to consume milk elsewhere because my tongue is so conditioned to this higher taste.

4) Their customer service is also truly remarkable in every aspect, right from delivering milk on time, to keeping a perfect track of their supply to all their customers and emailing these details to us along with their invoice, month on month.

Now, this eliminates a whole lot of other extra head ache that I've personally experienced in the past, with other organic milk vendors... Where invariably I wasn't convinced that I was paying the correct amount. It used to always seem like I was paying more.

5) Most importantly, the cows that produce this milk are very well taken care of and are kept in utmost clean environment. They are fed only what's essentially nutritious for the cows, unlike everywhere else where cows are fed extensive amounts of corn and other artificial foods to extract maximum amount of milk from them.

I can say this confidently upon my family personally visiting their farm and seeing for themselves this reality.

Happy Customer

Kaushik Gopalan

Purva Fountain Square Apartments, Marathahalli, Bangalore

My experience with Vrindavan milk has been fantastic. The service has been extremely punctual, very thoughtful and always prompt and on time. Everything is automated and through sms. As I travel frequently, that is very helpful. The quality of the milk has been terrific, the taste of the milk, the thickness blends really well with coffee and tea. My wife loves the milk and has a big glass while going to sleep everyday. As compared to other brands, the purity and the freshness of the milk has been very noteworthy and hence they standout.

Happy Customer

Vidya Koushik

Purva Fountain Square Apartments, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Husband-wife-kids, we all at home just LOVE Vrindavan milk. In fact my mother who has just started ordering it since a month doesn't think she is going to like any other milk again! It tastes wonderfully fresh, one can happily gulp down a glass of it and the kids do just that! The sweet curd, the rich cream transformed to butter, ghee and buttermilk make Vrindavan milk a MUST-have each day. We are impressed with their prompt service and customer care; I would strongly recommend it for all the good reasons.

Happy Customer

Rajneesh Garg

Purva Fountain Square Apartments, Marathahalli, Bangalore

We moved from Delhi to Bangalore 6 months back. In this period, we tried various milk brands but didn't find any milk suitable to our taste. We came across about Vrindavan milk through our apartment website. Since then we are using Vrindavan milk only. My children liked the milk taste. Curd prepared from this milk is thick and rich in taste. The quality of service is excellent. I sincerely thank to Vrindavan milk team who provided us this fresh milk facility at our doorsteps.

Happy Customer

Sarika Jadhav

Purva Fountain Square Apartments, Marathahalli, Bangalore

I am quite happy & satisfied with the milk supplied by Vrindavan Milk Company. I found the taste of the milk quite unique compared with rest of the packet milk's that I have been drinking so far. The quality of the milk too is far more superior than the other commercially available milk packet's. The set curd made out of this milk does not turn sour even when i have kept it outside refrigerator for a long time. I am yet to make ghee out of this milk so cannot comment on that but given the positive experience with other aspects of this milk, I think, I will not be disappointed :) My husband has difficulty digesting milk but he was pleasantly surprised when his stomach did not get upset after drinking Vrindavan milk. My elder daughter does not mind drinking this milk as it is without any supplements added to it like pediasure. All in all, we are quite happy with the quality & taste of the Vrindavan milk. The best part about the Vrindavan milk for me is that, it comes in a steel container & has not contact with plastic.

Shefali G

Purva Fountain Square Apartments, Marathahalli, Bangalore

As a mother, nothing gives me more satisfaction than to be sure that my baby gets the best and pure milk. Thank you for that!. I send a silent prayer for you when I make fresh nice white butter every week which we all cherish (a rarest thing to get from other milk in bangalore). Honestly, I feel you are doing a noble cause in helping us get our daily dose of nutrition. Thanks again and wish you all the best in your future endevours -- Happy customer and Mother.