Pure Natural Cow Milk (Organic)

Organic Milk

Organic Milk


Vrindavan Milk is naturally produced without use of growth hormone injections or antibiotics. Our cows are fed with natural fodder and cattle feed wihtout chemical or animal ingredients.
Organic Milk


Milk is chilled as quick as possible to maintain freshness and avoid bacterial growth.
Organic Milk


Whatever mother cow gives it's given to you as is without processing to preserve natural vitamins and minerals present in the milk.
Organic Milk


Vrindavan Milk is of highest quality without any adulteration.
Organic Milk


Vrindavan Milk is carefully produced and packed with great hygiene.
Organic Milk

Milk Type Unprocessed full cream fresh raw milk
FAT 4.0 and above
SNF 8.5 and above
Shelf Life 3 days, if maintained at 4° C. For longer shelf life, please boil and refrigerate.
Consumption Boil before consumption. Since it's a fresh raw milk, it's advisable to boil it first.
Packaging Options Food grade Pouches
Pouche Size 500ml pouches. Delivered in multiple of 500ml pouches.
Nutrition Facts Milk Nutritional Facts
Fodder Maize, COFS29 grass, Hedge Lucerne, Napier grass, Paddy Straw, Raagi Straw, etc. grown naturally without use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
Cattle Feed Naturally made cattle feed with 7-8 types of grains and oil cakes with out use of any chemicals.
Price Please contact us to get exact cost for your location.
Service Charge Usually NONE but some of our channel partners may charge depending upon the location.