Health Benefits of Fresh Raw Milk

By | October 18, 2013

There are several reasons why one might choose to drink fresh raw milk over pasteurized or homogenized milk.


It is believed that nutritional content in raw milk is higher that pasteurized milk when cows are fed with natural grass. Pasteurization process reduces nutritional quality of the milk. It is found that pasteurized lower manganese, copper, iron, substantial reduction in vitamin C.


Raw milk is easy to digest over pasteurized milk.


There are several health benefits of consuming raw milk during childhood.


Raw milk has superior taste and texture to pasteurized, homogenized milk.


Raw milk is produced mostly by local dairy farmers. Consumption of raw milk supports your local family farms and businesses.


Production of milk by local farmers using sustainable methods has very less impact to the environment that large scale milk production using modern facilities and chemical based feeding.

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