First Year Anniversary

By | September 9, 2014

Dear Customer / Well Wisher / Visitor of this website ,

September 7, 2014 marks first year anniversary of Vrindavan Milk. We embarked up on this journey with following objectives:

  • Cow protection
  • Promote profitable natural dairy farming
  • Provide natural(organic) milk to customers

It’s been a great journey so far. There were a lot of challenges but with great motivation and support from several customers like you kept us moving forward. We grew from 5 liters a day to 200+ liters a day. We automated most of our tasks with milking machine, bulk milk cooling machine, industrial dish washing machine, etc. and looking forward to improve further and move up to next level.

Our major customers are from Purva Fountain Square, Purva Riviera, Prestige Shantiniketan, and Adarsh Palm Retreat. We will start serving more apartments (one at a time) as we increase our production.

Thanks for being part of Vrindavan Milk family. Please give us you blessings and support to expand our service for the welfare of cows, farmers, and customers like you.

We also invite you and your family members to visit and take tour of our dairy farm. Please call us when you’re ready to visit us.

Vrindavan Milk Team
(Farmers and Cows)