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Buffalo Milk vs. Cow Milk

In this post let’s go over the difference between Buffalo milk and Cow milk, look at the nutritional and mineral content, and decide which is more suitable for children and/or adults.

Buffalo milk is more thicker and contains slightly more vitamins and minerals than cow milk. However, cow milk more preferred due to following reasons:

  • The fat and protein of cow milk are more easily digestible than those of buffalo milk.
  • The cow milk has also got greater amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Buffalo milk is injurious to the development of children and only cow milk is useful to them (in the absence of mother’s milk). The buffalo milk is rich in fat, which children can’t digest. Because of indigestion they suffer from diarrhea. The fats in cow milk and buffalo milk differ from each other in their digestive properties. The percentage of volatile and soluble acids is greater in cow ghee, and consequently it is more easily digested.
  • Cow milk, being easily digestible, is more beneficial to patients than buffalo milk.
  • Cow milk is useful for intellectual growth of children.

Let’s have closer look at nutritional value of both Buffalo and Cow milk.

Nutritional Chart


Buffalo Milk

Cow Milk














110 kcal

66 kcal

Sugar lactose



Saturated Fat



Monounsaturated Fat



Polyunsaturated Fat







195 µg

120 µg

As you can see from above chart buffalo milk has less water content and hence thicker than cow milk. It has also got higher protein and calcium and less cholesterol than cow milk. However, its high degree of fat and calories makes it less attractive. So, if you drink buffalo milk you really need to work out. Probably this is the reason why people who work hard in the farm preferred buffalo milk over cow milk.

Mineral Content


Baffalo Milk

Cow Milk






















There isn’t significant difference in the mineral content except for more calcium in buffalo milk and more potassium in cow milk.

Why cow milk is good for brain development?

Freshly drawn cow’s milk is yellowish white opaque liquid which is slightly acidic to phenolphthalein but alkaline to methyl orange. It is believed to contain sufficient quantity of sulphur which is a tonic for brain so cow’s milk makes a person mentally alert and physically agile. Perhaps that is the reason the western people are more intelligent and active than the inhabitants of India and Pakistan. Sulphur is not only good for brain but also has many other vital effects. Sulphur is the compound which is found in large number of homoeopathic medicines. Sulphur has special healing affect for skin diseases that is why people take bath in many springs containing sulphur as a treatment of skin diseases.

Overall Comparison of Buffalo Milk and Cow

Buffalo Cow
Milk good for adults. Milk good for infant and adults.
Milk is thick. Milk is thin.
Milk is white. Milk is golden yellow.
Milk is not easily digestible. Milk is very easily digestible.
Milk has less cholesterol. Milk has more cholesterol (depends on the cow)
Milk has more fat. Milk has less fat.
Milk has more calories. Milk has fewer calories.
100 calories are derived for 100g buffalo’s milk. 70 calories are derived for 100 g buffalo’s milk.
Milk has less water. Milk has more water.
Milk has more protein. Milk has little less protein.
Milk has slightly more carbohydrates. Milk has slightly less carbohydrates.
Milk has more saturated fatty acid, mono unsaturated fatty acid and poly unsaturated fatty acid. Milk has less saturated fatty acid, mono unsaturated fatty acid and poly unsaturated fatty acid.
Milk has more calcium, iron, phosphorus etc. Milk has less calcium, iron, phosphorus etc.
Milk has more Vitamin A. Milk has fewer Vitamin A but good in Vitamin E.
Probably milk has less sulphur. Probably milk has more sulphur – good for active brain.
Top three producers are India, Pakistan and China. Top three producers are Finland, Sweden and Ireland.
Milk can be preserved for longer time naturally. Milk can’t be preserved for longer time naturally.
A good buffalo gives 10 litres milk per day. A good cow gives 20 litres milk per day.
Raw milk contains more pathogenic micro organisms. Raw milk contains less pathogenic micro organisms.
Milk has lesser iodine. Milk has more iodine.
Milk is good for weight gain. Milk is good for weight loss.
Milk has less sodium, potassium and chloride. Milk has more sodium, potassium and chloride.
Milk has high level of anti oxidants, tocopherol. Milk has little less level of anti oxidants, tocopherol.
Milk is good for people eczema, psoriasis, lactose intolerant people and irritable bowel syndrome. Milk is not good for people eczema, psoriasis, lactose intolerant people and irritable bowel syndrome.
Buffalo ghee is less prone to hydrolytic rancidity. Cow ghee is more prone to hydrolytic rancidity.
Milk has more calcium to phosphorus ratio. Milk has little less calcium to phosphorus ratio.
Buffalo are found in hot wet areas. Cows are found in cold wet areas.
Buffaloes are mostly found in Asia. Cows are mostly found in West.
The emulsifying capacity of milk is much better. The emulsifying capacity of milk is not better.
Ghee has good grainy texture. Ghee has not good grainy texture.
Milk has higher level of various bio protective factors e.g immunoglobins,  lactoferrin, lysozyme,  lactoperoxidase,etc. Milk has lower level of various bio protective factors e.g immunoglobins, lactoferrin, lysozyme, lactoperoxidase,etc.
Milk is not good for thyroid. Milk is good for thyroid.
Both have almost equal citrate contents. Both have almost equal citrate contents.
Milk has high per oxidaze activity. Milk has low per oxidaze activity.
Buffalo has more natural immunity against diseases. Cow has less natural immunity against diseases.
Buffalo in human care are placid and patient so easy to control. Cows in human care are not so placid and patients so difficult to control.

What is good for children’s health?

Due to the fact that cow milk can be easily digested, contains good vitamins and minerals as in buffalo milk, and good for brain development, cow milk may be a good choice growing children.

What’s good for adult’s health?

Buffalo milk seems to be a good choice for adults due less cholesterol. However, it is high in fat and difficult to digest. May be it’s a safe choice to go with cow milk than buffalo milk. You can consider consuming buffalo milk if you can find ways to burn the calories and don’t have digestion problem.


There is no major difference in the nutritional value of buffalo and cow milk. Buffalo’s milk is a good for healthy bones, dental health, cardiovascular health and weight gain. Cow’s milk is beneficial for healthy bones, dental health, and obesity reduction in children, protection for thyroid and protection of heart. So, the choice is yours.

Hope this article clears your doubts and help you make good choice one over another.