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Organic Cow Milk

Fresh . Pure . Tasty . Healthy . Unprocessed . Unadultrated . Hygienic

Farm Fresh Organic Cow Milk - Delivered From Our Dairy Farm To Your Home

Vrindavan pure cow milk comes directly from dairy farm and delivered to your home. Vrindavan milk is fresh, pure, and of highest quality with great taste. Our milk is not processed to preserve real minerals and vitamins present in the milk. It's great for everyone in the family - especailly for growing children.

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Happy Customer

Vanita Siddarth

Purva Fountain Square Apartments, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Vrindavan Milk is by far been the best that we've tasted in so many years of trying and testing various other options which includes not just the regular Packet milk or other similar brands... Vrindavan Milk according to me, beats every other option out there...

Happy Customer

Kaushik Gopalan

Purva Fountain Square Apartments, Marathahalli, Bangalore

My experience with Vrindavan milk has been fantastic. The service has been extremely punctual, very thoughtful and always prompt and on time. Everything is automated and through sms. As I travel frequently, that is very helpful. The quality of the milk has been terrific,...

Happy Customer

Vidya Koushik

Purva Fountain Square Apartments, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Husband-wife-kids, we all at home just LOVE Vrindavan milk. In fact my mother who has just started ordering it since a month doesn't think she is going to like any other milk again! It tastes wonderfully fresh, one can happily gulp down a glass of it and the kids do just that!...
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